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Nekotachi Ltd, your go-to for software development and products, is based in Glasgow, Scotland, with an office in Tokyo, Japan. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise anywhere in the world, we've got you covered.

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We can manage all your software development needs, whether it's a new product or an existing one. We can also help you with your product strategy, from the initial idea to the launch and beyond.

Software Engineering

We’re specialists in software engineering, with particular expertise in application development, mobile development, and secure back-end systems development.

If you have an App idea you’d like to bring to life, or an existing backend system you’d like to extend - we can help.

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Web Development

Our team can build any kind of web application imaginable for you and your company. Using the latest technologies to make modern progressive web applications. We can craft your frontend using modern Javascript Frameworks and build a secure, and scalable backend for your API server in multiple programming languages.

We can even mange your servers and infrastructure for you.

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Large Language Generative AI

We’re one of the few companies in Scotland with extensive experience in working with Large Language Model Generative AIs. We can help you integrate tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT into your workflow, or even help you customize your own model for specific domains.

You can trust to work well with most GPT or Llama based models

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AI Recommendation Systems

Our deep experience with building recommendation systems forms the heart of several components of our Barkeeper products. We can use cutting-edge grouping systems and clustering algorithms to help make recommendations to your users.

We are also able to run sentiment analysis, for example, of your social media following, or to track reviews of products or services.

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